Celebrities Reading Mean TWEETS About Themselves…

In Florida It’s LEGAL For Teachers To Be Drunk On The JOB!!!

Everybody has their own way of making it through the work day, and recently, for one Florida middle school teacher, that included getting hammered in front of her students.

But according to CBS 12 in West Palm Beach, that teacher was neither arrested nor charged with a crime because – wait for it – a public school teacher being drunk on the job is legal in Florida.
florida teacher drunk on job, catherine jones
Catherine Jones, a seventh grade language arts teacher at Yearling Middle School in Okeechobee, has since been suspended without pay, but the State Attorney’s Office will not press charges because being drunker than Michelle Rodriguez while teaching children is not a criminal offense.

However, loading up on oxycodone and hydrocodone pills is illegal, and that’s something Jones found out the hard way when she was arrested in 2010 for amassing 540 of the little guys after visiting seven different doctors and four different pharmacies. She entered and graduated from a yearlong drug program, and she was reinstated at the middle school.

As expected, parents aren’t very excited about Jones teaching their kids, with one woman going as far as saying, “All of South Florida thinks Okeechobee is a joke.”

It’s not just South Florida that thinks that way, ma’am.

Add Pina Colada To Any Shitty Situation To Make It Happy… (As Seen Here)

Pina Colliding 11: The Good Son by crespoandhartsell

Pina Colliding 8: Silence Of The Lambs by crespoandhartsell

Pina Colliding 1: Lion King by crespoandhartsell

Truth Hurts Sometimes But Every Whore Serves A Purpose…


The Periodic Table Of Los Angeles…


Leo Dicaprio Spits Some Serious Heavy Metal Vocals In Wolf Of Wall Street… LOL

Give this man a grammy like quick style… This how you motivate to SALE STOCKS!!!

The DARK SIDE is Taking Over SOCHI Winter Olympics!

Star Wars Ski


MLTuTPv4RpeoodinsEtw_Full Speed Run


Mike Tyson And Danny Trejo Love Birds

mike and birdth

Big scary men also have an affinity for beautiful majestic birds and if you have a problem with that they will FUCKING KILL YOU.


A man interrupts a news broacast and steals the repoters microphone and says “Fuck Her Right In The Pussy!” on LIVE telesision! LOL!

I’m Not Gay At All But The Facts At The End of This Video Are Pretty Shocking and Appalling… Everyone Has The Right To Be Happy and Choose Who They Want To Be With.

This Is The Most Interesting And Bizzare Things I’ve Read In A Long Time!

DNA Analysis Of Paracas Elongated Skulls Released. The Results Prove They Were Not Human

Paracas is a desert peninsula located within the Pisco Province in the Ica Region, on the south coast of Peru. It is here were Peruvian archaeologist, Julio Tello, made an amazing discovery in 1928, a massive and elaborate graveyard containing tombs filled with the remains of individuals with the largest elongated skulls found anywhere in the world.

These have come to be known as the ‘Paracas skulls’. In total, Tello found more than 300 of these elongated skulls, which are believed to date back around 3,000 years.

A DNA analysis has now been conducted on one of the skulls and expert Brien Foerster has released preliminary information regarding these enigmatic skulls. It is well-known that most cases of skull elongation are the result of cranial deformation, head flattening, or head binding, in which the skull is intentionally deformed by applying force over a long period of time.

It is usually achieved by binding the head between two pieces of wood, or binding in cloth. However, while cranial deformation changes the shape of the skull, it does not alter its volume, weight, or other features that are characteristic of a regular human skull. The Paracas skulls, however, are different.

Wikipedia Commons

The cranial volume is up to 25 percent larger and 60 percent heavier than conventional human skulls, meaning they could not have been intentionally deformed through head binding/flattening.

They also contain only one parietal plate, rather than two. The fact that the skulls’ features are not the result of cranial deformation means that the cause of the elongation is a mystery, and has been for decades.

Mr. Juan Navarro, owner and director of the local museum, called the Paracas History Museum, which houses a collection of 35 of the Paracas skulls, allowed the taking of samples from 5 of the skulls.

The samples consisted of hair, including roots, a tooth, skull bone and skin, and this process was carefully documented via photos and video. The samples were sent to the late Lloyd Pye, founder of the Starchild Project, who delivered the samples to a geneticist in Texas for DNA testing.

The results are now back, and Brien Foerster, author of more than ten books and an authority on the ancient elongated headed people of South America, has just revealed the preliminary results of the analysis. He reports on the geneticist’s findings:

“It had mtDNA (mitochondrial DNA) with mutations unknown in any human, primate, or animal known so far. But a few fragments I was able to sequence from this sample indicate that if these mutations will hold we are dealing with a new human-like creature, very distant from Homo sapiens, Neanderthals and Denisovans.”

The implications are huge. “I am not sure it will even fit into the known evolutionary tree,” Foerster wrote. He added that if the Paracas individuals were so biologically different, they would not have been able to interbreed with humans.

The results need to be replicated and more analysis undertaken before final conclusions can be drawn.

Source: ADG (UK) via Paracas History Museum / Brian Foerster Interview

Then Quote Is “Dance Like No One Is Watching” Not “Dance With No One”…


Turns Out Budweiser Has Some Strange Side Effects On The Frogs…


Drunk People Doing Funky Drunk Thangs!

This dude would make Steve-O look like a Bitch!

Man Stabbed With a Sword!!!

Toddler’s Were Boxers In The 1940’s

Hot Girls Fuckin’ Up!!! Funny!

Celebrities Read Mean Tweets About Themselves…

Baby Bears Saved From A Stinky Death… :)

Gun ShmiFF is #1 On ReverbNation For EDM in Los Angeles, CA!!!

#1 On REVERBATION!!! internet Friendly

OH My Opossum!

PUBLISHED by catsmob.comI Think I Need One OF these lil bastards like NOWish….


“GoPro” 1980’s edition!!!


Excuse Me Mam But I Just Violently Struck You With My Car Did You Notice?!?!


Only in Russia is getting violently hit by a car just a daily routine that requires no reaction… Im assuming she has a big bag of drugs and needs to get the hell out of there.

We Need To Make This A Sport ASAP! Monkeys Riding Wart Hogs…



Actually Talking About Chinese Year of the “Horse”. But We Should Have A year Honoring The Whore’s Also… Good Thinking Subtitles :)


Asshole 411…


Absolutely Incredible!… But Damn Dude You Got Way To Much Time On Your Hands.

Start Your Day Off With Animals Doing Weird Thangs… :D

I Like TO KEEP THINGS Positive (Or “Sexual Which Is Always Good”)… But This is the VERY Worst Peeps You Can Find In Each State… Which Everyone Should Know….


You Think They Parked The Ship A Little To Close To The Atomic Bomb???

These Churches Have A Sense Of Humor

Funny Church

Fuck You Frosty!


LOL Funny Commercial… “I Wanna Fuck You In The Ass”

Miley Syrus Is Simple Jack… Dont Make Fun Of Her Twerking Her Eyes Will Rain.


White Pants Only Day! Lets Make That a Thing For Girls…

hot-yoga-pants-28I rarely see girls wearing white pants but when I do DAYUUUUM I cant stop looking! Why dont girls wear white pants more often? Go by yourself some white pants if you dont own a pair because you have no idea how sexy it is…


Wow It Took Them This Long To Rule That LAPD Acting Like Trigger Happy Morons When Dorner Was On A Rampage! Ridiculous Amateurs…

dornerLOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — The Los Angeles Police Commission has determined that eight officers violated department policy on the use of deadly force when they opened fire on a pickup truck in Torrance during last year’s manhunt for former officer Christopher Dorner, according to reports Tuesday.

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck was scheduled this afternoon to announce the conclusion of an internal LAPD review of actions taken by officers when they shot at two women delivering newspapers last year, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Margie Carranza, 47, and her 71-year-old mother, Emma Hernandez, were delivering newspapers around 5 a.m. on Feb. 7 when officers opened fire on their Toyota Tacoma without warning, attorneys said.

The city ultimately reached a $4.2 million settlement with the women last April in addition to a $40,000 settlement for the loss of their pickup truck.

While the Police Commission panel initially recommended the officers be cleared of wrongdoing, Beck overruled the findings, according to an earlier report in The Times.

However, by Monday afternoon, the commission announced its official conclusion that the eight officers had violated policy, the Associated Press reported.

The panel did uphold the actions of two other officers who exchanged fire with Dorner earlier the same morning while they were on a protective detail in Corona. One of the officers suffered a graze wound to the head, and the other was sprayed with shattered glass.

KNX 1070′s Claudia Peschiutta reports attorney Glen Jonas, who represents Carranza and Hernandez, expressed shock at the panel’s initial conclusion.

“You have two small Hispanic women as opposed to one large black man that you’re looking for,” Jonas said. “How can you say that it’s within policy to put 102 bullet holes in that truck and approximately 30 to 40 bullet holes in the neighboring garages, windows, and houses?”

Hernandez was shot in the back and Carranza had minor injuries.

Dorner had vowed warfare on Los Angeles police officers and their families for what he called an unfair firing.

A news conference was set for 4 p.m. at the LAPD Administration Building located at 100 W. First Street in downtown Los Angeles.

Oh Dear Lord My Mind Has Been Blown!!!

All these years I did not know this knowledge I can only think of the time i’ve wasted peeling eggs piece by piece… Oh the Humanity!!!

Samuel L. Jackson is a PUSSY!!!


Just Kidding Samuel I Love you brosky… 😉

Hot Girls Smacking Hot Girls Booty’s… Umm Ya Of Course Im Going To Post That!

newton mask

Seahawks Take The Broncos To The Slaughter House…


Truly A Big Fan Of This Dude… RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman



Police said Hoffman, 46, was found on the bathroom floor and pronounced dead at the scene. Investigators found two bags of what is believed to be heroin inside the fourth-floor apartment, law enforcement officials said.

Philip Seymour Hoffman in his own words

That’s a Fuckin’ Chunky Monkey…

funny_demotivational_posters_640_07I dont have any clever puns or metaphors for this pic I just wanted to show you this fat ass monkey. Lay the Bananas Mojo-JoJo!!!


Chik-Fil-A Is Really Taking This Anti-Gay Thing Seriously…


This Is Rearry Racist…

Slightly Racist

Every Nerd In The World Just Nutted Himself When They Saw This…

Nerd Fantasy

The Lizard People Are Here From Planet X and They Are Douche Bags…


People Called R. Kelly a Pervert I Call Him a Scientist… 5 Amazing Uses for Urine!!!

So turns out your urine has the ability to regrow brain cells, power rockets, power video games, and even cure cancer! That will make you think twice about spraying all that golden in the dark corner of an alley behind a bar!

I Like To Think Im a Good Aim But Sometimes If I’ve Been Drinking………… Whoops!