In Florida It’s LEGAL For Teachers To Be Drunk On The JOB!!!

Everybody has their own way of making it through the work day, and recently, for one Florida middle school teacher, that included getting hammered in front of her students.

But according to CBS 12 in West Palm Beach, that teacher was neither arrested nor charged with a crime because – wait for it – a public school teacher being drunk on the job is legal in Florida.
florida teacher drunk on job, catherine jones
Catherine Jones, a seventh grade language arts teacher at Yearling Middle School in Okeechobee, has since been suspended without pay, but the State Attorney’s Office will not press charges because being drunker than Michelle Rodriguez while teaching children is not a criminal offense.

However, loading up on oxycodone and hydrocodone pills is illegal, and that’s something Jones found out the hard way when she was arrested in 2010 for amassing 540 of the little guys after visiting seven different doctors and four different pharmacies. She entered and graduated from a yearlong drug program, and she was reinstated at the middle school.

As expected, parents aren’t very excited about Jones teaching their kids, with one woman going as far as saying, “All of South Florida thinks Okeechobee is a joke.”

It’s not just South Florida that thinks that way, ma’am.

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